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We are custom socks manufacturer

We make socks in China!

We have been designing, knitting and manufacturing socks for over 10 years. There are many advantages to producing socks in China that allow us to maintain quality and lower the cost of socks as well.

Custom socks are complicated for many people, but we have been working to make custom socks easier and simple for anyone with no experience to start.

Our first-ever no minimum quantity custom knitted socks, supported by professional designers throughout, make it easy to make real socks whether you have small quantities or bulk socks.

SOXWOW custom socks workshop

We love to knit socks ????

Love is what drives everything and makes everything better, and we will focus more on your socks than on profits (although company profits are important too).

We make socks with love drive and every pair of socks will be carefully treated.

Our sock designers will work directly with you and offer more advice, not just a cold office machine. Design is the first step, it’s important, and we’ll try to make it as perfect as possible.

We have a team of professional sock knitting machine technicians, guys who are always studying something new every day, so we can always follow the sock trends. The first thing they do when they get to work is they can’t wait to check what new surprise sock designs are available today.

If you are looking for a manufacturer who produces socks with love and care, It’s us.

Factory with a complete sock line

We have a complete sock production line from sock design, sample, knitting, washing, head linking, boarding, packaging, and provide one-stop custom sock service. 

Socks factory workshopSock machine maintenanceKnitting socks in progressSock boardingSock packagingSocks factory warehouse

Customize any types of socks

We can customize all common types of socks, socks of different lengths, materials, sizes, or technologies.

Check all customizable styles

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