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Black socks vs. white socks & when to wear?

Since the birth of machine knitted socks, people can buy comfortable socks at a lower price, and an epic debate has started ” which is better: white socks or black socks”, if you search “white or black socks” you will get thousands of talks, and there is no winner. If you are also confused about the choice between black and white socks, then this article will definitely help you.

You can quickly select the socks you need in these usual situations:

  • Work and formal occasions: black socks and dark socks are most choices.
  • Daily wear: black socks with dark shoes and white socks with light-colored shoes, based on shoe matching.
  • At home or just you: wear the first pair of socks you see.
  • Leg illness: wear white socks so that you can spot the wound first.

Of course, this is just a simple suggestion for some confused people, what color socks to wear is not a legal provision, you can still match your own personality and it is up to you, not others, to wear white or black socks.

There are also many differences between black and white socks, and what color socks you should wear is influenced by many conditions, which I will answer for you in detail.

Black socks & White socks: detailed comparison

The biggest difference between these two types of socks is the color, which gives them a different feel, so first let’s think about the different meanings of black and white.

Black: solemn, serious, stable, understated, noble, mysterious
White: bright, clean, neat, casual, sporty

Black socks are more about authority and seriousness, expressing your importance when you do something important or on a formal occasion, making people feel that you are reliable and mature. White socks are more casual and relaxed, you can wear them most of the time in your daily wear and it is not easy to make mistakes.

Knowing the difference between black and white makes it easy to choose exactly what socks to wear next time, but there are many factors that influence what socks you wear, such as culture, occasion, weather, mood, etc. Everything becomes more complicated, but don’t worry, we have categorized some common situations and you can choose your socks according to the table, it’s easy, right?

Wear White SocksWear Black Socks
With sportswear or casual clothingWith suit or formal wear, work uniform
Wear it for running and fitness or daily wearWear for working, office or important meetings
With light-colored shoesWith dark-colored shoes
Wear it when you have foot problemsWear when your feet are very healthy
Wear it in a clean placeWearing in a dusty and dirty environment
Stay indoors for long hours to wearOutdoor, hiking trips to wear
Always wear it when you want to wear it!Always wear it when you want to wear it!

White socks are better than black socks?

There is some truth to this statement. If you find that indeed black socks are more likely to make your feet stink than white socks, then you have bought a pair of socks knitted with inferior materials.

White cotton socks are a natural color (perhaps bleached), while black socks need to be dyed, and some poorly dyed yarn can have some odor that makes feet smell worse. There is also a recycled material made of yarn that is used to knit socks. These materials are mixed with various colors of yarn waste and can be easily dyed black, but never turn white.

For these two reasons, you are more likely to have problems buying black socks than white socks, and these black, poor quality socks are often sold at very low, attractive prices. Our custom socks and wholesale socks are made with high quality yarn to avoid this problem altogether.

Is it true that we should not buy black socks? Absolutely not, almost all black socks you can buy normally are knitted with better quality materials, you just need to avoid the very low priced socks and you will be fine.

Is wearing black socks more produce bacteria than white socks?

The first thing you need to know is that it’s not the socks that bring the germs, they’re always on your feet and in your shoes. They feed on foot sweat in dark corners, and sweating makes them multiply quickly.

There is no much difference between black and white socks made of the same material, except that “black” feels dark and is prone to bacteria. If your feet are bathed in sweat for a long time, socks of any color are a great environment for bacteria to live in, and then they multiply like crazy and release a bad smell.

The most important thing you can do to avoid the growth of bacteria on your feet is to keep them dry. You can replace your socks after your feet sweat, or you can wear sandals in the hot summer months when the sweat is more likely to evaporate.

No need to trash your black socks, just keep your feet dry, let your feet free at home once in a while, and maybe you’ll be free from foot bacteria and foot odor.

When should you wear white socks?

Matching socks to shoes is the easiest way to do this, and socks won’t look uncoordinated. When you plan to wear light-colored shoes and sneakers, match them with white socks.

With dark shoes and pants with white socks, people will instinctively focus on the socks on your ankles, is that bad? If you know Michael Jackson’s space dance steps, you know that this is a killer way to keep people’s attention on your feet. So when you want to draw attention to the icon or text on your ankle socks, black shoes and white socks are the way to go.

Jackson's shiny white socks match with black shoes
Jackson’s shiny white socks match with black shoes

White socks with daily wear

Light-colored and white clothes, pants, shoes, and sneakers are becoming more and more popular. and accordingly white socks have more opportunities to be worn, and it is not easy to wrong.

White socks are the best way to go when you want to make a fashion statement. They show that you are clean and put together. White socks also go with everything. You can’t go wrong with a pair of white socks. They are versatile and can be worn with anything from jeans to a dress. White socks are also perfect for everyday wear. They are comfortable and look great with any outfit. So if you’re looking for an easy way to complete your look, white socks are definitely the best!

Wear white socks when sports

White socks are definitely the best choice for sports and the hottest sports uniform to go with, especially the striped design white socks, almost every sports fan drawer will have one pair.

Some white socks add more technology specifically for sports. White socks with cushioned soles provide comfort and support, helping to protect your feet in high-impact area. The breathable mesh design makes it easy to eliminate excess foot sweat and keep feet dry. The breathable mesh design makes it easy to eliminate excess foot sweat and keep your feet dry. The ribbed calf design keeps your socks from slipping off while you sport.

These designs that help with running and jumping have made white socks a big hit. White socks can be seen in almost any game with soccer, basketball, baseball, tennis, and have even become a must-have uniform for some sports.

If you don’t know how to wear socks and sneakers, don’t hesitate to choose white socks.

Wearing white socks at home

Being at home means rest and relaxation, and the best match is wearing white socks. Roaming around the house or also without shoes, white makes you more relaxed and brings good mood.

Different kinds of socks are suitable for different seasons, padded white socks/fuzzy socks, knee socks can keep your feet and calves warm in winter. ankle white socks can be worn in summer to absorb sweat and keep your feet dry at home.

You don’t need to match your outfit at home, so put on a simple pair of white socks and enjoy the time with a cup of coffee.

Wear white socks at school

School is the best time of your life, no need to wear dress clothes and uniforms, students like loose and bright outfits with white socks that can fit perfectly.

Don’t forget about white socks during the school season, they can be effortlessly paired with your jeans, trendy shoes and t-shirts to complete your unique look.

White socks make feet stand out

If you want to make a statement and get people’s attention on your socks, wear black pants and shoes, and then white socks will shine.

It’s a look that doesn’t quite match, but it does draw attention to itself, and if you want to show off your personality or try something unconventional with your style, black shoes and white socks will look good for you.

White logo socks and black shoes and pants with
White logo socks and black shoes and pants with

White socks for medical

White socks have long been associated with hospitals and the medical profession. After all, they are easy to keep clean and look professional. However, there is more to the white sock than meets the eye. White socks are also believed to have certain medical benefits. For example, it is thought that wearing white socks can help to improve circulation. White socks are also said to be helpful for conditions such as varicose veins and edema. So, if you’re looking for a way to improve your health, don’t forget the humble white sock!

Wear white socks in a clean place

If you are planning to go somewhere dusty, or dirty, please don’t wear white socks!

The white color will make other colors more visible, and cotton socks are more able to absorb sweat and are also prone to staining other liquids and dust. If you are in an environment where there is dust and other liquids, like construction work, hiking, rainy days, cooking in the kitchen, or painting… your white socks will be in bad shape and any other color can easily ruin them.
Dirty areas tend to make socks look like you haven’t washed them in days, so don’t wear them!

When to wear black socks?

Black socks are often worn for business work and go well with dress, and essential for formal occasions.

Black socks also go well with any dark colored clothing and shoes. Also, because black does not look dirty easily, it is also suitable for wearing in dusty and dirty environments, so many workwear will match with black socks.

Black socks and suit formal wear

Of course black socks are definitely suitable to be worn with formal wear. For business occasions, or office work, important meetings, do not hesitate to choose black dress socks, it can not go wrong.

Not only can black formal wear be worn with black socks, but it can be extended to any dark color like dark blue, gray, or navy. Black socks will not clash with these outfits and will make your overall style more coordinated and elegant, just like a gentleman.

Remember, always choose crew dress socks or quarter black socks to go with your suit, socks that are not too short so your knees bend and your calves don’t show.

Just black is boring, maybe you could try some socks with little pattern icons, or customize your own personalized dress socks! It will definitely make your look stand out.

Icons black socks with suits
Icons black socks with suits

Black socks with dark shoes and pants

Black socks with dark black shoes and sneakers, although not enough unique and attractive, is definitely a safest match, at least you will not become “clown style”. The safest way to wear black socks and shoes.

Do black socks and black shoes match look boring? No! Black is a simple and clean color that will give you a simple and elegant first impression, and the right outfit match will enhance your dress code. Feel free to try black socks and shoes that will definitely surprise you.

Black socks with black sneakers & running shoes

Black socks can go well with black sneakers and running shoes. Just remember to choose cushioned socks that will make your feet more comfortable and soften the impact.

There are many options for black socks and running shoes, crew length is a great choice for many people to cover your calves, if you run in the summer choose ankle socks which are shorter and still protect your ankles, or compression socks if you run a lot.

SOXWOW can customize black athletic socks and personalize your running compression socks.

Black socks match with workwear

If you work in some complicated outdoor environment, like construction worker, lumberjack, stevedore, janitor & plumber, sanitation worker… you can’t avoid dust or some dirty liquid or oil, black socks will be your best choice, he won’t become look bad like a dirty sock that hasn’t been washed for more than 10 years.

Choose some thick, sweat-wicking black socks to go with your Martin boots, and try to choose socks that are crew or taller. This will let you work all day to protect your feet and calves, and be comfortable.

Black socks wear at outdoors

Hiking, lakeside barbecue parties, forest exploration, outdoor adventures… the best pair for outdoor activities are black socks, and if they are padded and sweat-absorbent, they are the best.
White socks are great, but only indoors or in clean places, they won’t stay white if you go into the wild. In contrast, black socks won’t suffer and stains won’t stain them!
Away from the city you will need black socks and focus on enjoying nature all day, through the jungle and valleys, rather than checking your socks for stains. You will find that black socks remain in good condition throughout the day.
It’s not that black socks don’t get dirty, they just don’t get noticed easily and you still need to wash them.

Black hiking socks
Black hiking socks

Conclusion of black socks vs. white socks

Both black socks and white socks have their moments and you can wear them with them at different times, which is why most people have them both in their drawers.
No one sock is right for all situations and no one sock is definitely better than the other.
The smart choice is to have black and white all ready to go, and you will always wear it on some days.