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What does one size/OS size means? Is it really fit all?

If you buy socks (or clothing and some elastic wearing accessories), you will not be unfamiliar with the size labeled OS, usually the size will be “S”, “M”, “L ” is easy to understand, you will be confused what OS means? Is it a exact standard? Read on and we’ll answer all your questions.

OS size means

OS can be considered as an abbreviation of “One Size” in most cases, some stores also explain it as “Overall Size” or “One Size Fit All “, you can understand that one size can fit most people, regardless of body type or tall, short, fat and thin.

Another meaning is that the store is only offering one size of this product for sale. Often OS is used to describe products with stretchy clothing and accessories like socks, tights, leggings, gloves, hats, knee pads, watches, belts, etc.

In British vintage labels, OS has another meaning and belongs to an ‘Alpha’ size system which uses ‘WMS’, ‘WX’, ‘OS’, ‘XOS’ to indicate sizes, where OS is like the common ‘Outsize’ nowadays. A similar but more refined system of size identification was used in Australia in the middle of this century. A similar but more refined system of size identification was used in Australia in the middle of this century.

Is there a specific standard for OS size?

There is no specific standard for OS, it just indicates a size that fits most people. In fact it is very confusing, different brands or different manufacturers almost all have different standards, but they all refer to the average body size, and in different countries OS also has different sizes.

Am I fit to wear OS size?

Because there is no fixed standard for OS size, you will need to look for the “size description” on the product page, like “One Size: US feet 6 – 12”, or contact the product seller directly for a more accurate answer. If you are close to the average size then you will most likely fit OS size.

But it’s worth noting that some sellers claim “One Size Fit All” or fit a larger size range, like socks US feet 4-14, then they are just trying to get more sales in the same size without offering more different sizes, and they probably don’t fit.

Why do OS sizes appear?

The emergence of OS size could mean that the product is only offered in one size, with the potential to offer more extensions in the future. Many startups will adopt this size because they don’t have to stock more different sizes and can reduce costs. It’s also possible that the product would have been able to fit most people, just like a belt would keep many holes in it and different waist sizes could adjust themselves.

As a seller, is it possible to sell OS size products?

If you are a startup or personal business with limited funds, it is perfectly fine to try to offer only one size for sale first, and then continue to expand to multiple sizes as normal. But if your company has enough capital, you still need to offer different sizes to expand your product audience.

Does SOXWOW offer socks in OS size?

Our custom socks are available in OS size, which are the equivalent of a normal size medium and fit US foot sizes: men 7-11, women 8-12, European foot sizes: 40-44 , UK foot sizes: 6-10.


OS/One Size is a size that only means in clothing, but not for everyone, there will be differences between brands. If you buy a product in OS size, please check the further sizing instructions for the product to see if it fits you. If you want to buy a better fit, please try it on in store.

I hope this helps you understand what OS sizing means.