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custom compression socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Compared to typical socks, compression socks gently squeeze the thighs and calves to improve blood circulation. Typically used for therapeutic purposes or sports uniforms, SOXWOW can be fully customized.

Minimum : 50 pairs

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with your free design

custom compression socks is easy

No expertise is required to start customizing compression socks at SOXWOW.

1. design socks

Design your compression socks for free, add your brand logo, text, or patterns, and these designs can be knitted. This step is important and determines the final style of sock that will be made. Usually we will provide your exclusive design in 8-12 hours.

2. Check & revision design

Your design will contain different views, very clear sock details, and many times it is not possible to complete the design in one go, so we can revise it for you without limit until it meets your requirements.

3. Make socks and Shipping

Enjoy your coffee and vacation, because everything else will be worked on by the SOXWOW factory. We have full control of knitting, quality control, sewing, boarding, packaging. We deliver worldwide and only ship with fast delivery companies. 

Start custom compression socks
You can fully control custom compression socks!

Your product is in your control, you can customize any part of the sock, add a pattern, logo, or text. If you have more creative ideas we are happy to explore more innovative possibilities, just let us know what you think. Sock options that you can customize:

  • Custom sock length, ankle, crew, calf high, or thigh high. 
  • All sock sizes, the sock foot parts determine the size of the socks, we can customize socks for all foot sizes for youth, adult, men, women.
  • Add a brand logo to the calf or to the bottom of the foot, toe or any part of the sock (except the toe and heel).
  • Choose the right color to match your brand, we have over 100 colors to match.
  • Add more designs. You can add classic stripes, Argyle, dots, or add more patterns or icons.
  • Custom sock labels or packaging for direct retail sales.
custom logo and text compression socks
Marathon race running men wearing compression socks
best running socks are compression socks

When running with compression socks on, the heart doesn’t have to pump as hard as gravity does. The pulse rate does not rise as fast and the blood circulates more smoothly in the legs. Meaning you can run better and faster compared to wearing nothing at all. Increased blood circulation not only reduces lactic acid production, but also allows the muscles to receive more oxygen, which reduces the muscles’ response to stress. Muscles are found to be less tight or tense and therefore less likely to go into cramps – meaning you can run faster and further.

Compression socks hold the calf muscles in place and they don’t wobble. Reducing muscle sway from side to side improves muscle efficiency, saving more energy to power your run. These are the most common benefits of running with compression socks.

The Australian Institute of Sport has conducted scientific research and found that compression socks do have a positive impact on running, and the International Journal of Angiology recommends the best socks for running with compression socks.

  • Decreasing compression levels from top to bottom
  • Lower compressions are more appropriate, <15 lbs.
  • Socks must be comfortable to wear

Our sock factory can custom fit compression sock perfectly for running, please contact us directly.

Who should wear compression socks?

Compression socks can effectively promote blood circulation in the legs, protect the legs and reduce leg fatigue. For people who use their legs for a long time or have leg health problems compression socks are perfect to wear.

Running and athletic lovers

Wearing compression socks helps to increase blood circulation and reduce muscle fatigue to prevent muscle damage, all of which are perfect for running and strenuous exercise. Wearing compression socks is also great for recovery after exercise, so if you run, it’s best to wear compression me socks.

Standing or sitting for a long time

If you work as a teacher, doctor, cook, cashier, porter, chef, etc., then you have to stand or sit for long hours and your legs will be swollen and sore at the end of the day. Compression socks can help relieve these leg discomfort problems.

compression socks for Sitting
for Travelers

You are at risk for blood clots and economy class syndrome if you travel frequently by air, train or bus or on business trips, where you have to sit down for long periods of time on the plane. The best way to prevent this is to wear compression socks to improve blood circulation.


Varicose veins and calf edema are likely to develop during pregnancy, and some other leg health problems, and doctors always recommend compression stockings for pregnant women.

Obese people

Obesity is not only cardiovascular affected, high cholesterol and lipids make the blood sticky and slow down the blood circulation. Calves are further from your heart and leg veins are more prone to problems, which can be prevented by wearing compression stockings.

Personalize your compression socks
Start with our free design to make your logo compression Socks.