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SOXWOW Frequently asked auestions

Many company try their own brand socks, even some small associations, clubs and events are starting to customize logo socks, It’s a low cost and unique way to advertise or promote goods, people love it. There are many processes to customize socks, we takes care of all the complicated steps and make it simple, but customers still have a lot of questions, we put all the answers here to help more people.

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What is SOXWOW?

We are a sock manufacturer offering custom sock services, we specialize in designing socks and making knitted socks.

Where is SOXWOW location?

We are a China socks manufacturer and all of our socks are designed and manufactured in Zhejiang, China.

What's different about SOXWOW?

We provide one-stop custom socks service, design, production, packaging, shipping, you don’t need to do any extra work. Our professional designers and quick turnaround time make custom socks easy. We specialize in custom knit pattern socks and custom cotton socks and always keep high quality.

How to start making custom socks?

Just contact us and add any useful information and files, and we will soon create your sock mockup first, with unlimited revisions!

How can I contact SOXWOW?

Submit a contact form or send an email directly to [email protected], and you will get an answer soon!