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Custom elite socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

The elite socks necessary to become an elite athlete, all designed for sport. Available now at cheap customised wholesale prices here.

Minimum : 100 pair

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with free design

Easy make custom elite socks with cheap prices

Anyone can quickly start design and custom unique design elite socks at soxwow

1. Free design mockup

What kind of elite sports socks do you want? Just tell us what you require and we will make the design for you for free! No separate additional designer fees.

2. Check and revision

Check the design mockups, colors, logo positions, patterns we provide, do they have any problems? No need to worry, SOXWOW can revise the design infinitely.

3. Make socks and Shipping

All sock knitting production work is carried out in our factory and we control all the details. They are produced on time, carefully checked and packaged for delivery to your address.

Fully customizable elite socks, you control all

Our socks are made in our own factory, and have a complete line of sock knitting, linking, boarding, quality control and packaging. So you can have more customization options to choose from and control. If there are any bold novel ideas, just let us know.

any size
Baby, child, adult, or oversized socks, any size socks can be customized made. Check out our size chart, or choose your own range.
material options
By default, the main use of high-quality combed cotton production, optional like, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber, wool, etc.
Sock height / length
For elite socks, they are usually crew length, but can also be produced as ankle, calf quarter high, knee high, or other specific high.
Add brand logo
Highlight your brand, logo, text, and web URL on a custom elite sports sock, can be placed on the calf, foot sole or anywhere else.
Personalized label packaging
Customize your socks retail packaging, print your logo or other content, customize with labels, tags, plastic bags, and direct retail ready.
rib or arch support
Crew socks may slip off, we can add elastic yarn at the calf to keep the sock. Can also add elastic arch support to make the socks fit better.
Different styles
What style of dress socks do you want to customize? Solid colors, stripes, icons, colorful, tie-dye, or any custom pattern.
Order Quantity
Far below the starting order quantities of other manufacturers, you can start with 100 pairs and don't have to stock up in larger quantities.
Elite socks - the best sports socks, choice of professionals

“Never use ordinary socks for an important race!” , if a very important race, elite socks will help a lot, it’s all details are designed for better running and jumping.

  • The essential underfoot cushion design ensures no heavy landings and the sole of the foot does not rub directly against the shoe so there are no blisters, while the dense fibers also absorb sweat.
  • Unique arch support elastic design, the sock fits the foot so won’t slide back inside the shoe.
  • We have added a stronger and more wear-resistant material to our elite socks, with an optimal blend of polyester and nylon for maximum strength, even high intensity exercise will not get holes.
  • Designed with a ribbed construction on your calf, elite socks won’t slip awkwardly down to your ankle.
  • The left and right feet are different, most socks are not different, but elite socks have different symmetrical designs for the left / right feet, and they fit perfectly.

Elite Sports Socks are undoubtedly the best choice for the best sports, where players perform to their potential just like the world’s top professional athletes.

Cheap price wholesale custom logo elite socks

The best elite socks, you must have heard of Nike, Adidas, Stance and other famous sports brands, they are known for the best performance elite socks and sell for $10+ and the best part is they can’t be customized wholesale!

Now SOXWOW can provide custom elite socks service and the price is much lower than other brands, you can display your logo on the calf of the sock or add any personalized pattern and design.

Developing your sports brand is not difficult, we can display your brand logo in the most prominent place of the sock, customize the sock label and packaging.

Personalize your brand logo elite socks
Start with a quick free sock design to make your unique design elite socks.
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SOXWOW factory directly make elite socks for you

Ordering socks from SOXWOW means that you are doing business directly with the factory, without a third party company. We are more professional and know more about socks and can provide the best service. Ordering socks from the manufacturer has the following advantages:

  • No trading company commission in order to get the best cheap price and increase your profit.
  • You can communicate and get feedback quickly, without wasting more time.
  • We are more professional and can answer your questions well.
  • SOXWOW service, get your unique free design and unlimited revisions.


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