Make Bset Custom Socks
Custom pet socks dog and cat face

custom dog cat pet socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Put your dog or cat's face on the sock. Unique sock made with cotton yarn and knitting technology.

Minimum : 1 pair, no minimum

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start your pet socks
Knit your pet socks with cotton, not printed socks
You can search for "custom pet socks" and find thousands of website selling them, personalizing dog & cat socks is very easy. But have you know these most made by polyester! we use cotton to weave the colors directly!
There are 4 important reasons why this is important to choose cotton socks:
  • Cotton socks are more comfortable and soft than polyester socks. Cotton is fits better and is not tight.
  • Cotton socks will absorb sweat well and keep feet dry all day, this is important if you need comfortable socks.
  • Cotton yarn is made of natural fibers and is more environmentally friendly. Polyester, on the other hand, is made from petroleum and is unsustainable and non-degradable.
  • For some people with sensitive skin can wear cotton socks with confidence because it is hypoallergenic.
Either way, if you need a more comfortable pair of socks, you can't go wrong with cotton socks. And we are the only manufacturer of knitted custom pet socks.
custom kint dog socks preview

Customizable options

Customize the style of your pet's socks
  • Add additional text, icons or emoji to any position of the sock.
  • Change the color of any part, or provide your color and we’ll match the yarn for you.
  • Add multiple dog & cat heads, or even add a photo of a human face with the pet.
  • Not just crew socks, you can customize any length of socks, ankle, knee, or thigh socks.

Because we knit our own socks, we have absolute control, and if you have more ideas, just contact us for unique designs.

available sizes, lengths

Size Chart:

Socks Size US Men US Women UK Euro
S   4-6 2-4 34-37
M 6-8 7-9 5-7 38-42
L 9-12 10-13 8-11 43-46
custom sock height

Easy personalized pet socks

It's easy to start, anyone can customize knitted pet socks, just need upload one photo, all other things SOXWOW can do for you.

1. Free pet socks design

Choose your favorite pet sock template from our presets and submit your cat or dog pet photo at the same time. Our designers will help you create sock template. You can get the design and check it in a few hours at most.

2. Check design

You will receive a mockup of the socks including three views, check if the design needs to be revised, and then tell us your feedback. We will revise it for free until the sock design is the way you want it to be.

3. Make socks and Shipping

It will take us 2-6 days to produce your pet face socks, and since we only use knitting technology, he will take longer than sublimation printing. We will choose fast shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT to ship your socks.

Start your Personalized pet Socks
The perfect gifts for animal pet lovers.

Without a doubt, dogs & cats are the most popular animal pets and have become part of the family. Cute puppies and kitty make it impossible to refuse, what makes them even more crazy is that our custom socks have their pet’s picture on them. Option to put a person’s face and pet photo together on a pair of socks, or multiple pet avatars on the socks at the same time.

A gift that any pet lover will be amazed by and is woven from combed cotton for high quality and comfortable softness. When you’re ready to rock on your birthday, contact us now to start personalizing your pet socks!

Only one pair in the world, a gift that will not be repeated.

This is an absolutely unique product, each design is carefully crafted by us, no second identical sock will be found, your socks are the absolute center of attention at the party. A great gift for yourself or a friend. A great collection or gift for yourself and friends.

Custom Socks Men Women Funny Animal Pet Socks
Customized pet socks not just a gift.

Not only is it a fine funny gift, you can also use personalized pet socks for these occasions

A gathering of pet lovers
Wear your pet's socks to some pet-related event where you can proudly show them off. As the event organizer, you can also prepare sock gifts for the participants.
Top SWAG on social media
Best practice for interacting with your fans: give them socks knitted by your pet dog or cat. The socks are cheap and will allow you to reap a lot of attention, at a minimal cost.
Additional of your products
Promote your product quickly? You need something to get people interested. When your product and pet face socks are delivered, most people will Wear funny socks and share.
Any number of custom pet socks to start with, no minimum order

Such COOL pet face socks can be made in soxwow from one pair with no limit. We want to get more people to wear knitted socks with photos of their pets.

Customize your pet socks
Start with our free design and one pair min.