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Custom Knit Sweater types

Custom Knit Sweater

$25-$48 each piece

Get bulk cozy custom knit sweaters. Choose from hundreds of colours, use acrylic polyester wool materials, custom size for adult & kids.

Minimum : 100 piece

Material : various options

Turn Time : 7-25 Days

Price : As low as $15/unit

Start with free design

Welcome to our Custom Bulk Knit Sweaters Service! We specialize in creating unique, cosy knit sweaters designed specifically for your needs. Our passion for knitting and quality materials results in a custom piece that perfectly suits your group or business. With a minimum order of 100 pieces, we are your go-to service for bulk custom knit sweaters.

Easy make Custom Knit Sweater with shelf-ready packaging

Our process for bulk orders knit sweaters is simple and straightforward:

  1. Choose Your Style, Size And Colors: We offer a variety of sweater styles and sizes to accommodate everyone in your group or business. Pick from our extensive range of color options to match your brand or event theme.
  2. Make A Design: Our designers will help you with your sweater design! Or submit your own for a truly personalized touch.
  3. Place Your Order: Once you’re satisfied with your design, place your order and we’ll get started on crafting your bulk custom knit sweaters!
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Fully customizable knit sweater

We offer a rich range of options to allow you to fully customize your branded knit sweater. Choose from knit sweater styles, neckline styles. You can also add zippers or buttons. You can also combine sweater styles, neckline styles, and zipper and button styles, That way you can create more style combinations.

Knit Sweater Style
The most common sweater styles to choose from are these different styles to start creating knit sweaters
Knit Sweater Style short
Knit Sweater Style half-sleeve
Knit Sweater Style sleeveless
Neck Styles
The neckline is an important part of the sweater's style, and we support customization for more styles.
Crew neck
knit sweater neckline style V neck
knit sweater neckline cowl neck
High neck
Funnel neck
knit sweater neckline lapel
Buttons & zippers
Buttons and zippers can be added to custom sweaters to make cardigans.
Knit Sweater with Buttons
Knit Sweater Quarters buttons
Quarter button
Quarter Zipper

Add Sweater Accessories

Add tags, brands, wash labels, or pockets to complete your sweater style.

Knit Sweater add Pocket
Add pocket
Add pockets at chest level or bottom
Knit Sweater add brand Fabric Label
brand fabric label
Add brand label to your customized sweater
Knit Sweater add wash label
wash label
Labels for clothing materials and washing instructions

Customizable in any size

Kids, Youth, and Adults, we can make custom knit sweaters for all ages! You can knit the same design on different sizes of sweaters for a family set or birthday gift ideas.

Knit sweaters can be customized to any size
Factory Prices For Knit Sweaters

We are knitwear manufacturers and we knit each sweater ourselves so you get the best price.

Our sweaters are knitted using the highest quality materials for both comfort and durability. Each piece reflects our commitment to craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring your bulk order is consistent and high-quality.

Personalize your Knit Sweater design Now
Start with a quick free sock design to make your custom knit sweater.
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Design Options

Whether you prefer classic patterns or modern designs, we can accommodate your taste. Browse our design catalogue for inspiration, or submit your own design for a truly personalized touch.


Our pricing structure is transparent and fair, taking into account the size of your bulk order. The base price covers a standard size and design, with additional costs for larger sizes or more complex designs. We accept various payment methods for your convenience.

Delivery & Returns

We aim to deliver your custom knit sweaters as quickly as possible. Shipping times and costs will be discussed when you place your order. If there are any issues with your order, please refer to our return and exchange policy.

Contact Us

Ready to order your bulk custom knit sweaters or need more information? Contact our customer service team via email or phone. We’re here to help and look forward to creating a unique knit sweater collection for you!

Start designing your perfect bulk custom knit sweaters today!