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Striped custom fuzzy socks

custom fuzzy socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Our original unique full knit custom face socks, more comfortable and soft made of combed cotton, not polyester printed socks.

Minimum : 500 pairs

Material : acrylic

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with your free design

Easy custom fuzzy socks, 3 simple steps

We are a full-process manufacturer of socks, so we can make orders quickly.

1. Get free design

Tell us your logo and idea and we’ll make and send you a unique fuzzy sock design within 4-12 hours, its FREE!

2. Check socks design

Many times the design cannot be completed in one go, so you will need to check the design and request revisions.

3. Make and Shipping

Leave the rest to us and your socks will soon be produced, packaged and shipped to your specified address.

Options for bulk customized fuzzy socks

Fuzzy socks are different from regular cotton knit socks in that they are knitted with fluffy, thick acrylic yarn and many logos cannot be made through the jacquard technique. Even though there are many technical details to personalizing fuzzy socks, but you don’t need to know all of them, we will design and make socks according to your needs.

Before you begin please check out the options for customizing fuzzy socks:

  • Can customize any size, children, adults, men or women, can also be made plus size.
  • Choose from a number of colors, or let us match the design colors to yarn.
  • Add embroidered brand logos to the socks, usually to the bottom of the cuffs.
  • Socks add anti-slip rubber on the foot soles, usually wear fuzzy socks on the floor, anti-slip rubber will prevent slipping.
  • Unique label packaging with your brand logo.
  • Add your own pattern design.

If what you require is not one of these options, please contact us and we will find a solution for you.

Custom fuzzy socks with anti-slip rubber on the soles
The best socks to wear at home

At home, you need take off the smelly socks you’ve been wearing all day, then you need to change into soft fuzzy socks and enjoy your coffee. The fuzzy socks are undoubtedly the best floor socks, with non-slip padding for you to grip the floor, a comfortable soft feel that will keep your feet warm, and can even be worn while sleeping.

Great business idea

In cold days, people need a pair of socks at home that can warm their feet and lower legs. Soft fuzzy is the best choice, there are a variety of lengths, crew high, quarter high, knee high, thigh high can choose. You can customize the classic stripe pattern or your own design. Add a logo to show your brand, and we can also produce direct retail packaging for you.

We are furry fuzzy sock manufacturer

There are a lot of details in quality sock making that need attention, which can be difficult for sourcing sock people, and if you don’t work in sock manufacturing, it’s impossible to fully understand socks! So it’s unlikely to customize top quality socks? Absolutely not. 

You need to work with a factory and talk directly to someone with experience, which we are. SOXWOW always uses quality yarn to knit socks, has skilled craftsmen and always keeps high quality, and most importantly, we don’t just knit socks as a job, we love to create new unique socks.

Tell us what you want and get started, getting the most professional custom sock service is as simple as that. Let’s get started!

Customize make your fuzzy socks, starting with free design!
Free design, fast turnaround, one-stop customized service, worldwide shipping.
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