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Weave custom face socks sample

weave custom face socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Our original unique full knit custom face socks, more comfortable and soft made of combed cotton, not polyester printed socks.

Minimum : 1 pair, no minimum

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with your free design

Easy personalized face socks process

You can easily customize your knitted face socks made of high quality cotton yarn.

1. Free design mockup proof

Knitting socks is more complicated than print socks, so your need to check the design first, don’t worry, the design is ready soon, we usually send you the mockup in 8-12 hours. design and revision are free.

2. Check your design

You will receive a finely knitted sock virtual design, this design is very close to the real knitting socks. Check if the color and position is what you expect, unlimited revisions are acceptable until you are satisfied.

3. Make socks and Shipping

After your design is confirmed, it will go into the production queue and there may be 2-6 days to knit the socks. We use fast shipping companies like DHL, FedEx, UPS, TNT to deliver the socks to your address.

Start your Personalized Face Socks
Knitted cotton Custom Face Socks. Just forget the polyester print socks!

You may have often seen custom socks face photo, but have you ever paid attention to what material they socks are made of? Not surprisingly 100% of the socks main material is polyester and use then the printing technology to create pattern.

We’ve changed the custom face sock game by using over 90% high quality cotton yarn to knit personalized face socks that stay comfortable and soft while not fading in the washing machine and not showing unsightly white when you wear them.

SOXWOW is a full process sock manufacturer, from design to production and sales we control all aspects of the knitted custom face mash socks process.

custom socks with cotton yarn face design
custom face socks with gift boxs
Best unique funny gifts, no other same socks in the world.

Stuck with hundreds of gift options? What products stand out? You’ve probably been thinking about it every holiday or birthday. That’s because you haven’t tried personalized funny photo face socks, an absolutely unique product with your friend’s or loved one’s face, and most importantly it’s not polyester, but a knitted high quality cotton sock! There can’t be a second identical sock in the world.

Start face socks customization with SOXWOW, it’s easy! Send a photo and our designers will cut out the face and create an art-like knitting pattern, that is definitely one of the biggest surprises of the birthday party.

Create surprise face socks gifts
Just a gift? Custom face socks are more than that.

Custom face socks are the perfect funny gift, but more than that, you can use them in many other ways.

Hand out at your personal party
Love a crazy party with friends, why not make it even more memorable by giving your own face socks as party favors, it's your wild night out. Customize your own, and invite friends to party.
For Youtuber's channel campaign
These unique socks are the best swag for your channel. Grow Youtube traffic you need to attract viewers, no one will refuse a channel that gives away free socks with you face and custom promotional text.
Unforgettable and fun wedding
Great wedding attire accessory that can be customized for the bride and groom, groomsmen and bridesmaids, proudly showing your custom face dress socks that say "We're married" on them.
Customize from one pair, no minimum order quantity!

That’s right, such crazy custom gift face socks can start with any quantity, you can even start with one pair, the same service for any order, free design service and fast turnaround.

Don’t spend time looking, there are not tens or hundreds of knitting pattern socks starting socks here, try your first pair of photo face socks now.

socks for grandpa
Custom Face Socks For Dad, Mom, grandma, lover, or anyone

Custom face socks gifts for any holiday or party. For your dad on Father’s Day, or for your boyfriend or girlfriend on Valentine’s Day… This is the best unique and fun gift for anyone.

More than just changing your face design, you can choose more best custom face sock options to simply create your unique design.

Combine your sock designs from over 10 options:

  • Custom knit face pattern, the most basic customization option.
  • Customize the foot bottom with fun text like “BEST DAD EVER”, “#1 MOM” + name, “I LOVE YOU”, or you can even provide your handwritten text to customize it.
  • Tile your face over the entire sock or just on the side of the leg.
  • Lots of fun graphic icons can be easily added, like hearts, flowers, lightning bolts, banknotes, or super cool sunglasses.
  • Over 10 sock base colors to choose from.

These are not all, you can contact us and we will work one-on-one to create designs for other options that can be weave.

Wholesale custom face socks Bulk, No problem

Want customize not just a few pairs, need a bulk order of face socks for a big party or event? We can customize over 5,000 pairs of socks at the same time in wholesale. On-time delivery!

Wholesale Custom Face Socks Bulk
Personalize your face socks
Start with our free design to make your socks.