Make Bset Custom Socks
custom embroidered socks with cool logo

custom embroidered socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Beautifully embroidered logo pattern on the socks to make your socks stand out. Make high quality knitted socks with detailed embroidered logo design.

Minimum : 500 pairs

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with free design

Easy make custom embroidered socks for your brand logo

Customize high quality personalized embroidered socks in just 3 easy steps at soxwow.

1. Free design mockup

We can make a free sock template mockup for you as the start of your custom socks, just provide your embroidery icon, brand logo, pattern, design, color and other ideas.

2. Check your design

Within 2-12 hours you will receive a knittable sock design, please check if the design meets your requirements. You can make any changes yourself or request revisions for our designers to perfect for you.

3. Make socks and Shipping

Socks will be added to the factory production queue and produced quickly, while we accept rush orders at no extra cost. The produced and packaged socks will arrive at your address on time.

Rich options to customize the embroidered socks, all up to you.

Is customizing embroidered socks a difficult game? How many customization options are available? At SOXWOW you don’t have to think too much, we offer a simple process and give you all the options to customize as much as possible! all you need to do just contact us.

any size
Baby, child, adult, or oversized socks, any size embroidered socks can be customized made. Check out our size chart, or choose your own range.
material options
By default, the main use of high-quality combed cotton production, optional like, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber, wool, etc.
Sock height / length
We customize embroidered socks of any height, no show, invisible, ankle, crew, quarter, knee high, thigh high, or some uncommon sock height.
Add brand logo
Highlight your brand, logo, text, and web URL use embroidered, can be placed on the calf, or match it with a woven logo.
Personalized label packaging
Customize your socks retail packaging, print your logo or other content, customize with labels, tags, plastic bags, and direct retail ready.
rib or arch support
Crew socks may slip off, we can add elastic yarn at the calf to keep the sock. Can also add elastic arch support to make the socks fit better.
Any socks style
Embroidery can be added to any design style of socks. Solid colors, stripes, diamonds, argyle, dots, or funky colorful patterns.
Order Quantity
We make embroidered socks with a very small starting order to reduce your inventory and save cash, at low season will be even lower.
Add your embroidered logo or design to socks

Custom embroidered socks offer you another way to add personalized logo socks. Embroidery has many necessary advantages over jacquard patterns, but is unlikely to be produced on a large scale on socks.


  • Embroidery can use more colors to create patterns.
  • It can show more details than jacquard.
  • The effect looks more refined and three-dimensional.
  • Some special design effects can be achieved.

But then jacquard on the socks is not always good, need to pay attention to some issues.

  • The embroidery makes the socks tighter and may not allow for good blood flow to the calf.
  • Custom embroidered socks cost more and also need extra steps and will take more time to make.
  • Make the socks less elastic, so we make the embroidery pattern as small as possible.

The embroidered pattern cannot be laid flat all over the sock like a jacquard logo. It is usually placed on both sides of the calf, or the ankle, and a simple small icon is fine. As an additional decoration, embroidery patterns can make socks more sophisticated and popular.

Samples of custom logo embroidered socks
Embroidery socks production line with embroidery machine
Personalized embroidered socks manufacturer

We are a manufacturer and specialize in knitted pattern socks and embroidered socks. Using high quality combed cotton to make socks, complete sock production line including knitting, sewing, boarding, quality checking, packaging, custom label, we control everything to provide cheaper custom socks.

Let's talk about your custom embroidered socks
Want to customize socks for your brand using an embroidered logo? Chat with our industry-leading sock experts to get started creating personalized socks very easily.
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