Make Bset Custom Socks
custom cotton socks with stripe design

custom cotton socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

High-quality cotton material knitted socks, comfortable, breathable and sweat-absorbent, all the features for a pair of the best socks. We can customize cotton socks for you.

Minimum : 1 pair, no minimum

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with free design

Custom cotton socks just 3 easy steps

You can easily get your high quality custom cotton socks.

1. Free design mockup

Send us your logo and basic requests for sock design, and if you don’t have an idea yet, we will help you create it entirely. just send us the color, size, pattern, and style of your cotton socks and we will respond within 8-12 hours.

2. Check your design

Your socks will be designed as required, and sent to you to check if need to revise. If the design is not up to your expectations, please do not hesitate to tell us, we support unlimited revisions until it is perfect.

3. Make socks and Shipping

SOXWOW is a full production process sock manufacturer, so all the rest of the work will be done by us.Our socks can be shipped to most countries in the world, and to reduce waiting time, our socks will be delivered by TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.

bulk custom cotton socks, no minimum quantity

Most of the socks you can buy are made of cotton, a natural plant fiber whose properties are perfect for knitting socks. People like cotton socks because they have some irreplaceable properties.

  • Soft: Cotton is very soft and stays fluffy and full, and knitted socks are very comfortable.
  • Absorbency: A favorite property of cotton socks, the gaps in the fibers can hold moisture and keep your feet dry.
  • Durable: Cotton’s fibers are strong and knitted socks can be worn for a long time to keep their shape.
  • Vibrant colors: Cotton yarn is easy to dye and hold, and those colorful knitted socks always keep their color.
  • Breathable: The fiber structure of cotton makes it more breathable than other synthetic fibers.

We make cheap custom cotton socks for bulk, you can add any design you want, logo, text, picture, icon or any other design of your own. There is no minimum quantity, so you can also customize your own unique personalized cotton socks, or for your company logo socks, party socks, wedding socks, gift socks.

Start with these custom cotton sock types

Almost all socks can be made of cotton material, which are some common types of custom socks and made of cotton yarn.
custom crew socks cotton calf height sockscustom crew socks

The most popular crew length socks, which can be socked to cover the calf, are usually made using cotton knitting, with some funky designs and cool patterns that are very popular.

custom cotton dress sockscustom dress socks

Cotton dress socks for formal dress, can be worn with suits, or workwear, a must-have accessory for business people. Cotton makes dress more comfortable and can worn all day.

volkswagen brand custom logo socksCustom logo socks

Each pair of socks have your brand logo, best swag, or event gift, or can be sold directly. Comfortable cotton socks will be your company’s publicity and customers always come back.

Weave custom face socks sampleCustom face socks

The most popular custom sock gift: face socks, we knit it with cotton to ensure his comfort. Add a face, name, icon or any other design you want for a great holiday gift surprise.

Custom pet socks dog and cat faceCustom face socks

Absolutely the perfect gift for pet lovers to knit their pet’s face on socks (not printed on polyester socks), we design free artful pet face socks and use cotton yarn knitting.

custom team socks use logoCustom face socks

Customized cotton socks specifically for basketball or soccer teams, clubs, bands, or parties, with your team logo or some unique design. Socks are the best choice for team uniform accessories.

Completely to make custom cotton socks of your choice

Our factory has a complete sock production line and can control any process of sock knitting. So you have more control over your custom cotton socks and can even try some creative designs that have never been done before. 

any size
Baby, child, adult, or oversized socks, any size socks can be customized made. Check out our size chart, or choose your own range.
Sock height / length
For cotton socks, they are usually crew length, but can also be produced as calf quarter high, or knee high, or a specific number.
Add brand logo
Highlight your brand, logo, text, and web URL on a custom cotton sock, can be placed on the calf, foot sole or anywhere else.
Personalized label packaging
Customize your socks retail packaging, print your logo or other content, customize with labels, tags, plastic bags, and direct retail ready.
rib or arch support
Crew socks may slip off, we can add elastic yarn at the calf to keep the sock. Can also add elastic arch support to make the socks fit better.
socks style
What style of cotton socks do you want to customize? Solid colors, stripes, diamonds, argyle, dots, or funky colorful patterns.
Order Quantity
For custom knitted cotton socks, there is no minimum order quantity and you can start with one pair. It can as a gift, or sell directly.
Personalize your cotton socks now!
Start with a quick free sock design to make your cotton knit socks.
Start Make Cotton Socks
Why choose cotton socks

Why cotton socks? Why not wool socks, or even synthetic socks? There are a few reasons why cotton socks are the best choice for everyday wear. First of all, they’re breathable, which means they won’t make your feet sweat like wool or synthetic socks can. Cotton socks will also absorb moisture if your feet do sweat, keeping your feet dry and comfortable. Additionally, cotton socks are lightweight and durable, so they won’t add bulk to your footwear or wear out quickly. And finally, cotton socks are affordable, so you can stock up without breaking the bank. So next time you’re looking for a new pair of socks, reach for the cotton ones – your feet will thank you!

Why your need make custom cotton socks

Why custom cotton socks? Why not just buy a pair of socks off the rack at the store? Socks are socks, right? Wrong! There are many reasons to get custom socks made, and once you’ve tried a pair, you’ll never go back to store-bought socks again. Custom socks are made to fit your feet perfectly, so you’ll never have to deal with bunched-up fabric or socks that slide down your leg. Plus, with custom socks you can choose from a wide range of colors and patterns to find the perfect look for you. Whether you want your socks to make a statement or simply match your shoes, you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with custom socks. So why settle for ordinary when you can have extraordinary? Get your custom socks today!