Make Bset Custom Socks
custom basketball socks with logo

custom basketball socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Comfortable socks just for basketball. Elite sports socks include all the techniques that help with running and jumping, such as mesh, cushion, ribbed & arch support. We can custom with your logo.

Minimum : 1 pair, no minimum

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with free design

Make custom basketball socks, 3 easy steps

It's easier to make elite sports basketball socks with your logo at SOXWOW.

1. Free design mockup

Contact us and let us know what kind of basketball socks you want to make, size, color, height, pattern, and we can even start making design mockups just use your logo.

2. Check your design

Most designs cannot be completed in one go, you need to check the design we send you, does it need to be revised? We can revise it for you without limitation until it meets your requirements.

3. Make socks and Shipping

Once everything is ready, our factory will arrange the knitting of the socks, you don’t need to know more, we will produce, quality check, pack and ship them for you.

Rich customization options, your socks, you control all!

Our factory has a complete sock production line and can control any process of sock knitting. So you have more control over your custom socks and can even try some creative designs that have never been done before.

No matter how complicated your basketball sock design is, you can send it to us and our designers will assist you in making it into a knittable design.

cheap custom basketball socks options
any size
Baby, child, adult, or oversized socks, any size socks can be customized made. Check out our size chart, or choose your own range.
material options
By default, the main use of high-quality combed cotton production, optional like, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber, wool, etc.
Sock height / length
For casketball socks, usually made of ankle height, crew height, and quarter height. Or you can also custom make any height you want.
Add brand logo
Highlight your brand, logo, text, and web URL on a custom dress sock, can be placed on the calf, foot sole or anywhere else.
Personalized label packaging
Customize your socks retail packaging, print your logo or other content, customize with labels, tags, plastic bags, and direct retail ready.
rib or arch support
Crew socks may slip off, we can add elastic yarn at the calf to keep the sock. Can also add elastic arch support to make the socks fit better.
Basketball need frequent running and jumping, and the best comfortable socks need to add cushioned, on the sole only or entire foot.
brand logo personalized basketball socks
Custom, bulk sale or wholesale

Make high quality basketball socks that represent your brand, and add a logo and your unique design. Logo socks are a smart and cheap way to promote your brand, either as a sales product or as a giveaway swag. 

You’re not sure what style of socks you want, no problem, check out our available designs, wholesale or customize to add your brand logo, also can make personalized label.

The benefit of buying wholesale socks from a sock manufacturer is that you can buy elite basketball socks in bulk at low prices. Our socks are made in our own factory, so you can customize your own unique design of high quality socks at a low cost.


Basketball Socks Bulk Sale and Wholesale
Custom logo basketball socks for more cases

Custom basketball socks with number: Customize numbered socks for your team to identify different players, or customize numbered basketball socks of classic basketball stars for sale.

Personalized team basketball socks: With custom uniform socks for the entire team, the team looks more professional and stands out at the game.

Youth basketball socks: Most young people are avidly into basketball, they are sized smaller and some funky patterns design are more popular.

Custom basketball socks with name: Since we have a very low start quantity, it is possible to make your own name signature basketball socks, so let your socks showcase your own name. Or just to honor a basketball star, make their name socks.

Ready to customize personalized basketball socks?
Tell us about your sock ideas or start with a free design.
Make Custom Basketball Socks
Work with manufacturers, no middlemen

SOXWOW is a professional basketball sock manufacturer and we really enjoy trying out various unique designs of knitted socks. We offer free design services (sock design, label and package design) and always use high quality yarn to make our socks.

Sourcing from middlemen will increase your costs by 30%-50%, wholesale custom socks directly from us will save these costs, the socks will be produced directly by our factory and shipped worldwide.


soxwow custom socks manufacturer factory production line