Make Bset Custom Socks
3 Custom Baseball Socks Designs

Custom Baseball & Stirrup Socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

Baseball has been one of the most popular sports in the world, at soxwow you can easily customize unique design logo baseball socks for business or team!

Minimum : 50 pairs

Material : cotton or polyester

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

make you logo baseball socks
Want to customize your baseball / softball socks? Easily create logo brand design.

Baseball and softball are among the popular sports around the world, and the players like to wear brightly colored long socks, and striped designs with eye-catching team logos or team names. Baseball socks are standout looking that some people use as a fashion accessory, even when they are not playing in a game.

Baseball & softball games many times need to sprint fast and the trouser legs will drag, so players like to tuck the trouser legs into their socks to hold them in place and the whole sock will be exposed, if you want to build brand awareness, displaying the logo on the calf at the game would be the best way.

Is your business related to baseball? Or you run a team? Anyway, we will make your logo baseball socks to your satisfaction.


Baseball game pitcher wearing red striped baseball socks

Custom Baseball socks just 3 easy step

You can easily customize baseball socks or stirrup socks with team name, brand logo, cool icons. High quality socks to help you win the game.

1. Free design Baseball socks

You don’t need to know how to design, what patterns can be knitted and socks techniques, your dedicated designer will make them completely design for you. Just need “CONTACT US”!

2. Check your design

Check out our well-designed baseball socks, It will knitting perfectly, need any revisions or add anything else? No problem. You can change the color, pattern size, logo position here.

3. Make socks & Shipping

Then everything is given to SOXWOW, matching yarn, knitting, quality control, packaging, socks will be knitted to the highest standards. And the customer just waits for the delivery.

Start your Personalized baseball Socks
Why order from us?

Customizing baseball Stirrup socks and softball socks is not an easy task, many manufacturers ask for designs and ask for technical information that most people don’t know. SOXWOW doesn’t work that way, we hide all the complexity behind the scenes and even start customizing with just the logo. Compared to other companies our custom sock service has these advantages:

  • Fast turnaround, as fast as 9-15 days for most orders and delivery to the world.
  • Factory direct production and sales, no middlemen, the lowest price.
  • Baseball socks with low minimum order quantity, starting from 20 pairs.
  • We can ship socks worldwide, so you can receive our custom baseball socks wherever you are!
  • Perfectly designed socks that can match hundreds of colors of yarn.
  • Custom socks can be made in any size, just provide the size range of the foot.
  • Design a baseball socks mockup for free, or you can start with a preset design and add a logo.
  • With jacquard weave technology, the color will be maintained no matter how many times wash. No printing and sublimation socks.
  • High-performance, game specific baseball socks made of sturdy nylon. Decorative and stylish matching baseball socks made of cotton.
Socks for playing baseball and softball pro games

We use high-strength material yarn knitted specifically for the game baseball socks, adding toe and heel reinforcement technology, high intensity sports will not let the socks break easily, so socks will protect your feet and legs for many seasons.

baseball socks in game
Baseball sock style accessories for fashion matching

Not just game uniforms, baseball apparel is also street fashion. People like to wear baseball socks out of the door, not just at the game, and simple striped socks are most popular. It is important to note that game socks are not the best choice for everyday wear. What needs to change? We made a change for stylish baseball socks, made from cotton to ensure breathability and optimal softness, and added more patterned colors and logo to make it stand out.

Personalize your baseball socks
Start with our free design to make your logo or team name baseball socks.