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custom cotton baby kids socks

custom baby & kids socks

$2.9-$75 each pairs

The most important thing about socks for kids and baby is comfort, and we use the best combed cotton to ensure that custom socks are soft and fit well. Also can add personalized logos, patterns, texts...

Minimum : 1 pair, no minimum

Material : combed cotton

Turn Time : 5-14 Days

Price : As low as $2.9/unit

Start with free design

Anyone can quickly start customizing socks at SOXWOW

It has never been so easy to customize baby and kids socks, just 3 easy steps.

1. Free design mockup

Send us your logo and basic requests for sock design, and if you don’t have an idea yet, we will help you create it entirely. just send us the color, size, pattern, and style of your baby & kids socks and we will respond within 8-12 hours.

2. Check your design

Your socks will be designed as required, and sent to you to check if need to revise. If the design is not up to your expectations, please do not hesitate to tell us, we support unlimited revisions until it is perfect.

3. Make socks and Shipping

SOXWOW is a full production process sock manufacturer, so all the rest of the work will be done by us.Our socks can be shipped to most countries in the world, and to reduce waiting time, our socks will be delivered by TNT, UPS, DHL, FedEx etc.

Custom baby socks

Babies have extra delicate skin. So their little feet need way more protection than ours. That’s why we use comfy, cozy socks with woolen yarn that’s been combed just for them! We have great deal of experience in making baby socks, this ensures that the socks will be well made and comfortable for your baby to wear. 

If you want to customize baby socks now, then it is best to know a few things to ensure that you can create a baby sock product that is popular in the market:

  • Suitable Elasticity: Must make sure that the socks fit well. If they are too loose, they can slip off and become a choking hazard. If they are too tight, they can cut off circulation and cause discomfort.
  • Best Material: Make sure that the materials used are soft and gentle for baby’s skin. Custom baby socks made from high-quality combed cotton materials will be much more comfortable for your baby to wear than those made from cheap materials.
  • Simple Design: Never try to stuff a lot of pattern design on baby socks, the socks will have a mess of threads inside, and such socks are uncomfortable for babies. A simple stripe or some small pattern will do.
  • Easy To Care: Imagine a pair of fussy socks with more steps before washing, the mother will be demoralized and your product will not sell well.

When try custom baby socks, it is important to keep all of these factors in mind in order to ensure that you are getting the best possible product. Trust me it gets easier at SOXWOW, just contact us to get started.

custom baby socks set with logo
Custom Kids, Child, Youth socks

Youth kids socks have been misunderstood by many people, thinking that they are just smaller socks, No!

They’re usually brightly colored and often have cartoon characters on them. They’re also usually much thinner than other socks, which can make them seem a bit flimsy. But kids socks are actually designed to be tough and durable. They’re made from lightweight materials that are breathable and help to wick away moisture. And they often have reinforced toes and heels to prevent holes from forming.

So the next time you see a pair of kids socks, don’t be fooled by their appearance – they’re actually quite tough! And if you make custom kids socks, there are some suggestions you need to know:

  • Sturdy Enough Socks: Young people and kids always have inexhaustible energy, they run, jump, play, which is what many parents find at night a pair of torn socks. Don’t let your product have holes so they have reinforced toes and heels.
  • Comfortable Enough: Children’s feet need soft socks that are more comfortable and take away foot sweat, and are knitted with combed cotton.
  • Add Cushion: Cushioned socks can actually help absorb impact and prevent pain when walk or run. They can compress and then snap back into shape. This helps to absorb the force of each step, making it easier on your feet (and your shoes). So add cushioning to your kids socks products is a smart choice.
  • Bright Colors & Fun Patterns: Kids love more colors and cute cartoon patterns, and you want products that sell, why not add them?

Following these tips will help you create kids socks that stand out, and SOXWOW will help you personalize your socks even more.

custom kids socks samples
Customize baby kids socks now
Give us your idea or logo to quickly start customizing your child's socks
Start Make Baby & Kids Socks

Custom baby & kids socks with the most complete options

Our factory puts all the choices in your hands, and you can customize almost any part of your child socks products. Of course, if you want to make it easier, we’ll help you choose the best option.

any size
Baby, child, S M L, or oversized socks, any size kids socks can be customized made. Check out our size chart, or choose your own range.
material options
By default, the main use of high-quality combed cotton production, optional like, bamboo fiber, polyester fiber, wool, etc.
Sock height / length
For kids & baby socks, they are usually crew length, but can also be produced as calf quarter high, or knee high, or a specific number.
Add brand logo
Highlight your brand, logo, text, and web URL on a custom kids sock, can be placed on the calf, foot sole or anywhere else.
Personalized label packaging
Customize your socks retail packaging, print your logo or other content, customize with labels, tags, plastic bags, and direct retail ready.
rib or arch support
Crew socks may slip off, we can add elastic yarn at the calf to keep the sock. Can also add elastic arch support to make the socks fit better.
Socks style
What style of child socks do you want to customize? Solid colors, stripes, diamonds, argyle, dots, or funky colorful patterns.
Order Quantity
For custom knitted dress socks, have a low minimum order quantity and you can easy start. It can as a gift, or sell directly.

Custom baby kids socks made by our factory

We socks factory produce socks. Every day, we wake up and go to work, thinking only of socks. Socks are our passion and our life’s work. We pour our heart and soul into each and every sock that comes off the production line. It’s not just a job for us – it’s a labor of love.

Sure, some people might say that we’re crazy socks factory, but they just don’t understand. They don’t know what it’s like to be so obsessed with something that it becomes your whole world. But we do, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Because at the end of the day, there’s nothing we love more than socks…and making people happy by putting socks on their feet.

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